36 - Responding to a Prophet's Call: The Impact of President Monson's Last Talk


Although this is being released in January, Jason and I had the idea to do this episode right after October's General Conference. So many talks that weekend referenced President Monson’s April 2017 challenge to read the Book of Mormon every day, and we thought it would be fitting to see how people responded to the call. We listened to the talks, prepared ourselves for the discussion, and scheduled to make it happen. Twice.

Each time, something came up. Our schedules just weren't having it.

I’m grateful that it took so long, though, because it finally worked out soon after President Monson’s passing. Having the discussion at this time allowed us to reflect on President Monson’s last General Conference talk as we remembered his life of service, also while preparing ourselves for the organization of a new First Presidency. How fitting that the focus of this episode was also how our new president of the church, President Russell M. Nelson, responded to the prophet’s challenge to read the Book of Mormon every day!

As a tribute to both of these great men, along with all others who bore testimony of the power of President Monson’s challenge, we hope you gain something from listening to our discussion.

Show Notes: