Prepare the Way - Making the Most of the Aaronic Priesthood


This is the final talk we were able to cover before the Sept/Oct General Conference of 2017. In it, we chat with Andrew Astin about Bishop Causse's talk "Prepare the Way," and we learn a lot about how to maximize the potential of our Aaronic Priesthood brethren. Andrew is a medical student in North Carolina, and he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table about all sorts of subjects. Don't forget to stick around for the Virtuous, Lovely, and Good Report when Andrew shares some amazing insight he received from one of his mentors!


  • The talk itself:

  • President Ucthdorf’s talk on Alma and Amulek:

  • Elder Ballard’s talk “Return and Receive”:

  • From Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage: “Even the profane sinner in the foul sacrilege of his oath acclaims the divine supremacy of Him whose name he desecrates.” (

  • President John Taylor on “Boys will be men.”: “What will the boys be when they are grown up. They will be men, will they not? They are now the sons of men. If a man be inducted into the family of God, and becomes a son of God, what will he become when he gets his growth? You can figure that out yourselves.” This was used by President Taylor to show that we will become as God is, but it also clearly articulated Andrew’s point about boys turning into men!”

  • President Hinckley’s “Lessons I learned as a boy.” -

  • “Don’t be a donkey” - “The Ass of Buridan” -

  • Andrew’s OB/GYN doctor on healing people spiritually - “They’re not going to allow you to try and help them spiritually, but you still can. Every single patient I have, no matter what, before I go into the room I say a quick, short prayer for them. That they’ll be able to feel the spirit and to be able to have some kind of spiritual health in their life, even if this is the only time that anyone prays for them.”

  • Music by Jonny Easton