Stand Up Inside and Be All In - Living a Consecrated Life


It’s Summer 2017! That means a whole lot of work for medical and dental students, and a whole lot of family time during the brief moments away from school. That also means there’s not a lot of time for two Average Joes to podcast, so this episode comes almost a month after the last edition of Talks on Talks. We apologize to all those who have been actively listening and expecting a new episode weekly, but it’s here now and there are more to come!

In this episode we talk about Gary A. Sabin’s talk “Stand Up Inside and Be All In,” which has to be one of our favorite talks we’ve discussed so far (seriously, just listen and you’ll know how much Jason loved it). It had a little bit of everything and reminded us of a lot of other resources you can use to talk about this same concept. Hope you enjoy it!

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