10 - That He May Become Strong Also - Our Pivotal Experiences Growing in the Priesthood

[Correction! - Wes mentions blessings of the priesthood found in D&C 84, but the list is actually from D&C 107:18-19]

We're in the double digits! Wes shows up to this episode with an obvious cold, but Jason holds things together with a great discussion about President Henry B. Eyring’s talk “That He May Become Strong Also” from October 2016. We discuss a few of President Eyring’s experiences growing in the priesthood and pepper in stories of our own pivotal priesthood experiences. This talk was also a good reminder to us of what the power and authority of the priesthood entails, and we cover how to tap into some of the blessings of the priesthood discussed in D&C 107. This episode also touches on the different paths we took to deciding to go on a mission and how the example of more experienced priesthood leaders helped influence those decisions.


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