06 - Abide in My Love - Mercy, Justice, and Unconditional Love

In this episode, we discuss the talk “Abide in My Love” by Elder D. Todd Christofferson from the October 2016 General Conference. This was a dense talk with tons of ground to cover, but we unpacked as much of it as possible in our limited half hour. We discuss the potentially misleading idea of God’s love being “unconditional,” the balance between mercy and justice, and our thoughts on the Atonement. Also, this is the first episode where we’ve incorporated audio from the actual #LDSGenConf, so let us know how you liked it!

Special thanks to our Kickstarter donors - Phil and Londyn LeCheminant, Andrew Astin, Ben Chandler, and a few anonymous donors. Theme music - “Homeward Bound” by Jonny Easton.

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