42 - Am I A Child of God? - Discovering Our True Identity


Oh, where has the time gone?! With medical and dental boards upon us, things have been moving pretty slow here at Talks on Talks. We're still alive and kicking and we love that you're still listening.

In this episode, we discuss Elder Brian K. Taylor's talk "Am I A Child of God?" The obvious answer is yes, of course, but how does that tie into our day-to-day lives? We'll give our best shot at answering this question in the episode. Let us know what you think!

41 - April 2018 General Conference in Review


After a week of going over some of the talks and reflecting on the major changes from the April 2018 General Conference, Wes and Jason sit down to talk it all out! What a conference it was, and it was almost as good reviewing.

We hope you enjoy the things we took away from conference, but we'd also love to hear your thoughts. Shoot us an email at talksontalks@gmail.com or message us on Instagram - we love hearing from you!

40 - Tyler Todd - Saw the Musical, Read the Book, and Joined the Church


This episode has been in the works since this time last year! It’s about time we finally got our friend and Talks on Talks listener Tyler Todd on the show to talk about the fascinating story of his conversion after watching the Book of Mormon Musical.

He shared with us what it was like first learning about the church from the musical, how he transitioned to meeting with the missionaries and their mission president, and how he handled his conversion story being picked up by USA Today.

Take a listen and don’t forget to wish Tyler congratulations on recently getting engaged! You go, Tyler!



39 - Michelle Gifford (Women with Fire) - Recognizing Your Purpose and Reaching Your Potential

aPics of me in Castle Dale-3 copy.jpg

In this episode, Michelle Gifford from Women with Fire shared with us her thoughts on Elder Pingree’s talk “I Have a Work for Thee,” from the October 2017 General Conference. As a woman with fire herself, Michelle talks about how she balances five different projects, family life, and her other responsibilities. Her insights about helping women find purpose in their lives are incredibly inspiring, and you’ll leave this interview with a few tips on exactly how to get started. Be sure to check out their podcast for more incredible stories of people putting all kinds of shoulders on all kinds of wheels!



38 - Westin Wilson (Steve Young of MMA) - Life Lessons Learned in the Cage


As a professional MMA fighter, Westin Wilson has made it his mission to spread the gospel. He is often referred to as “The Steve Young of MMA,” and in this episode sits down with us to talk about President Uchtdorf’s talk, “A Yearning for Home.” He shares with us the development of his testimony, life as a Mormon MMA fighter, and what “home” means after having grown up in a number of different states and continents.

Make no mistake about it, Westin Wilson is one of a kind, and you’re going to love what he has to say!


Interview recorded with Zencastr: https://zencastr.com/

37 - Cory Schow (Pilot Vlogs) - Finding and Preparing for God's Special Mission for You


Ever wondered how you could better use social media to share your testimony?

In this episode, Cory Schow of Pilot Vlogs discusses how Elder Pingree’s October 2017 talk “I Have a Work for Thee” inspired him to utilize the skills he developed as a successful vlogger and direct them towards sharing the gospel. He has a message for those who feel inadequate and unprepared to begin doing the work their Heavenly Father has prepared for them, and how to go about finding out what they can do to help in His plan.

Don't skip out early on this one, since Cory takes a minute near the end of the show to tell us a little bit about his future plans as a social media missionary!



36 - Responding to a Prophet's Call: The Impact of President Monson's Last Talk


Although this is being released in January, Jason and I had the idea to do this episode right after October's General Conference. So many talks that weekend referenced President Monson’s April 2017 challenge to read the Book of Mormon every day, and we thought it would be fitting to see how people responded to the call. We listened to the talks, prepared ourselves for the discussion, and scheduled to make it happen. Twice.

Each time, something came up. Our schedules just weren't having it.

I’m grateful that it took so long, though, because it finally worked out soon after President Monson’s passing. Having the discussion at this time allowed us to reflect on President Monson’s last General Conference talk as we remembered his life of service, also while preparing ourselves for the organization of a new First Presidency. How fitting that the focus of this episode was also how our new president of the church, President Russell M. Nelson, responded to the prophet’s challenge to read the Book of Mormon every day!

As a tribute to both of these great men, along with all others who bore testimony of the power of President Monson’s challenge, we hope you gain something from listening to our discussion.

Show Notes:

35 - Andrew Rail (Classical Mormons) - Finding Perfection Through Imperfection and Grace


Andrew Rail, the man behind Classical Mormons on Instagram, has an amazing backstory of gospel service. In this episode, he shares with us his thoughts on Elder Holland’s talk, “Be Ye Therefore Perfect… Eventually” from the October 2017 General Conference. Andrew brought some wisdom and a series of fascinating life experiences to Talks on Talks, and we know you’ll learn a thing or two from this man of many memes!


34 - Rosie Card (Q.Noor) - The Importance of Articulating our Faith and Listening to Others


Rosie Card is a former fashion model turned temple dress designer and public speaker. She owns and operates Q.NOOR, a line of temple and baptism dresses designed to help more women feel more comfortable in the House of the Lord. Rosie is passionate about helping women rise up to their full potential as disciples of Christ. She lives in Salt Lake with her goldendoodle, Ted, and is a proud pioneer of the stay-at-home YSA lifestyle.

In this episode, Wes sits down with Rosie to discuss the importance of articulating our faith. Rosie’s passion for getting people involved in “the wrestle” is infectious, and hopefully you leave the interview with a newfound desire to be creative in the ways you share your thoughts on the gospel with others.

This episode also pays special tribute to the memory of President Thomas S. Monson. We thank thee, O God, for our prophet!


Rosie’s favorite talk: Come what may and love it by Joseph B. Wirthlin: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2008/10/come-what-may-and-love-it?lang=eng

Sister Eubank talk, Turn on Your Light: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/10/turn-on-your-light?lang=eng

The pastor saying “Don’t judge the path that I’m walking,” from Elder Holland’s talks “Be Ye Therefore Perfect - Eventually”: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/10/be-ye-therefore-perfect-eventually?lang=eng

"A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have." - Tim Ferriss

“Are You Sleeping Through the Restoration?” by President Uchtdorf: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2014/04/are-you-sleeping-through-the-restoration?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+lds-inspirational-messages-eng+%28Daily+Messages%29&lang=eng

Rough Stone Rolling by Richard Bushman: https://www.amazon.com/Joseph-Smith-Rough-Stone-Rolling/dp/1400077532

“Will You Engage in the Wrestle?” by Sister Sheri Dew: https://www.byui.edu/devotionals/sheri-dew

President Monson’s first address as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve: “I Stand at the Door and Knock: http://scriptures.byu.edu/gettalk.php?ID=1285

Music: “Homeward Bound” by Jonny Easton

33 - New Year's Resolutions from General Conference


The end of December is always abuzz with talks of New Year’s Resolutions, so we decided to do something different for this episode in honor of the hopeful changes for 2018. To help you develop New Year’s Resolutions, this episode is a quick trip through eight invitations from the October 2017 General Conference. Referencing these quotes will hopefully assist your as you make your goals!


32 - It's Beginning to Look a lot like a Christmas Devotional


In our last episode before Christmas, we thought it appropriate to sit down and review the First Presidency Devotional for 2017. We discuss the excellent talks from Sister Franco, Elder Duncan, and President Uchtdorf, and share how the Christmas season ties into our goals for 2018! This episode is packed full of quotes and references to other awesome resources, so be sure to follow the links in the show notes and learn even more about how the spirit of Christmas ties in to the rest of the year.


31 - Nate Fenwick Smith (Wait for the Moment) - A Visionary Man: Walking Unexpected Paths by Faith


We’re back! This time with an interview with Nate Fenwick Smith of the band Wait for the Moment. Nate shares with us some of his favorite quotes from the October 2017 General Conference and opens up about his career, his struggles, and the faith that keeps him going. Be sure to check out his band’s new album, “Visionaries”!

Show Notes:

Conference in Review - October 2017


It's only been a few days since conference, and we hope the messages are still ringing in your ears! In this episode, we discuss some of the highlights of the conference and give an overview of the talks that touched us. We are looking forward to our upcoming interviews with all of you about the conference and the messages that stood out to YOU, so please reach out and share with us your favorite quotes!

Prepare the Way - Making the Most of the Aaronic Priesthood


This is the final talk we were able to cover before the Sept/Oct General Conference of 2017. In it, we chat with Andrew Astin about Bishop Causse's talk "Prepare the Way," and we learn a lot about how to maximize the potential of our Aaronic Priesthood brethren. Andrew is a medical student in North Carolina, and he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table about all sorts of subjects. Don't forget to stick around for the Virtuous, Lovely, and Good Report when Andrew shares some amazing insight he received from one of his mentors!


  • The talk itself: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/04/prepare-the-way?lang=eng

  • President Ucthdorf’s talk on Alma and Amulek: https://www.talksontalks.com/podcast/2017/3/9/09-learn-from-alma-and-amulek-lessons-for-leaders-and-self-reflection?rq=alma

  • Elder Ballard’s talk “Return and Receive”: https://www.talksontalks.com/podcast/2017/9/2/return-and-receive-making-plans-and-going-for-the-goal-ed

  • From Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage: “Even the profane sinner in the foul sacrilege of his oath acclaims the divine supremacy of Him whose name he desecrates.” (https://www.lds.org/manual/jesus-the-christ/chapter-1?lang=eng)

  • President John Taylor on “Boys will be men.”: “What will the boys be when they are grown up. They will be men, will they not? They are now the sons of men. If a man be inducted into the family of God, and becomes a son of God, what will he become when he gets his growth? You can figure that out yourselves.” This was used by President Taylor to show that we will become as God is, but it also clearly articulated Andrew’s point about boys turning into men!”

  • President Hinckley’s “Lessons I learned as a boy.” - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naqX9iYE0V0

  • “Don’t be a donkey” - “The Ass of Buridan” - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buridan%27s_ass

  • Andrew’s OB/GYN doctor on healing people spiritually - “They’re not going to allow you to try and help them spiritually, but you still can. Every single patient I have, no matter what, before I go into the room I say a quick, short prayer for them. That they’ll be able to feel the spirit and to be able to have some kind of spiritual health in their life, even if this is the only time that anyone prays for them.”

  • Music by Jonny Easton



Get to Know a Host - Wes!


We've had a great response to our last episode where Jason peeled back the layers and gave us a peek into how he views the world. In this episode, Jason turns the tables on Wes and we find out a little about him, as well!

We know you've come to Talks on Talks to learn about General Conference talks, but we hope that getting to know the hosts will help give some insight on to how they view the talks and what they hope to accomplish through this podcast! Thank you for listening!

Music: Homeward Bound by Jonny Easton